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We feel you and your exhaustion…

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We often forget that we’re living in the future.

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There’s no place like home!



Today feels like a tune-tastic Wednesday!



We’re seeing plenty of beach days ahead this summer!

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Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year With Harry Patramanis and Kay Jewelers

With Mother’s day just around the corner, let’s take a moment to appreciate all the love, joy and strength that mothers bring to the world.

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Love is the intense feeling of deep affection that one feel towards another person. Or in our case, towards chocolate.

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Harry’s Latest Spot From Piraeus Bank

Harry Patramanis develops an exciting new spot for Piraeus Bank to demonstrate how a day can be filled with different experiences made possible by the Yellowday App.

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Summer Is Back

With this heatwave we’re having here in Los Angeles, it’s really starting to feel like summer.

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Breaking Spot: Harry Patramanis’ “Every Generation”

Harry Patramanis and our friends at GSD&M went on an adventure to South Africa for Lee Jeans. Check out Harry’s new spot “Every Generation,” which celebrates the beauty and tradition of the American dream and the role that denim plays in it.