Dean Freeman

Welcome, Dean Freeman!

We’re back from the long weekend, and we’re excited to welcome Dean Freeman to CoMPANY Films!

MS-Attendra-Play 003


Happy Valentine’s Day to all our loves! (i.e. chocolate)

DM-Subway-Important Day 004


Don’t start reminiscing about the weekend already! You’ve got a brand new week ahead of you!

JF-Tumi-Global Citizens 008


Suit up! A little bit of rain shouldn’t stop your weekend plans!

SM-21-Trailer 015


The weekend is near! Time to dance!

Slated_YTWU7003000H no slate compressed


In case you missed it, Harald Zwart seriously delivered with Burns Group’s [yellow tail] Super Bowl ad this year!


Shooting in LA

Josh Franer and Commonwealth//McCann really know how to prep for a shoot!

HP-Vodafone-Home 014


There’s nothing like coming home at the end of the day and hanging out with your best bud!

DM-La Quinta-Row


Wow! What a big weekend!

Mercedes-AMG -Easy Driver- - Teaser -Blocked In

Super Bowl 2017

Congratulations to all the advertisers, agencies and production people involved in the spots this year!